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Welcome on our solution website. In this page you can find more solutions, which helps to you to design your vision.
Most our solutions work in ArchiCAD software, but there is some application for online use as well. If you have any comments or questions regarding the solutions, please contact us by e-mail (support menu) or by phone. thank you for your visit and enjoy our page.

[eptar] Reinforcement
399 €

English - German - Hungarian | ArchiCAD 15-18 | Win-Mac

New 1.35

This solution supports the designer to draw , document and list the necessary reinforcement for his building in ArchiCAD... [more]
This application will work in demo mode until you do not buy and register it! 2015-05-13
[eptar] Tiling
49 €

English - German - Hungarian | ArchiCAD 15-18 | (Win - Mac)

New 2.1

Wall and floor tiling application for ArchiCAD.
Photo realistic model, documentation and 3D design... [more]
This application will work in demo mode until you do not buy and register it! 2014-11-12
Aliplast Openings Library

English and Hungarian | ArchiCAD | (Win)
We have issued a new Openings GDL library, for Aliplast windows, doors and curtain walls. This unique opening library does not only contain lots of preset windows... [more]
Grande furniture Library

English | ArchiCAD | (Win-Mac)
This library is based on the wide product range of the furnitures of Grande. The library contains hundreds of well designed pieces of furniture... [more]
Kilab - lab furniture library

English | ArchiCAD | (Win-Mac)
This lab furniture library was made for the Norwegian manufacturer Kilab. A whole laboratory could be furnished with the content of this library... [more]
[eptar] Rooftiling - Mediterran

English | ArchiCAD15-17 | Win
This solution helps for the ArchiCAD users to represent a Rooftile structure in ArchiCAD.
The solution helps for exterior renderings, elevation views and component lists generation as well.

[read more]
ArchiCAD Key Checker

English | ArchiCAD | Win - Mac
This small GDL object helps you to realise your ArchiCAD key number.
Gate Library [Kling]

ENGLISH | ArchiCAD13 + | (Win - Mac)
This is the most comprehensive industrial and residental gate library on the market.The library contains 7 type doors, dock leveller and truck receiver objects.
[eptar] Accessories

ENGLISH | ArchiCAD12+ | (Win - Mac)
This is a small accesory library, which contains different surrounding objects for interior design.
The library contains 44 simple objects for kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

New features in the [eptar] Mediterran Rooftiling solution

New features in the [eptar] Mediterran Rooftiling solution

The [eptar] Rooftiling solutions are among our most used and most beloved solutions in Hungarian and International version as well. No wonder these add-ons are so popular; they complement ArchiCAD with a function that is completely missing from the original program.

[eptar] Reinforcement 1.2

[eptar] Reinforcement 1.2

18-20th April GRAPHISOFT held its International Partner Conference in Budapest. The team of eptar was there on the three day event and we presented the 1.2 version of our Reinforcement solution with great success.
The [eptar] Reinforcement solution was created to make sure that architects and civil engineers can work together in ArchiCAD on the same BIM model. This Add-On enables ArchiCAD users to be able to draw their reinforcement plans for their building.

How to create wall and floor tiling plans in ArchiCAD

How to create wall and floor tiling plans in ArchiCAD

Creating wall and floor tiling plans in ArchiCAD can be a troublesome task. The abilities of built-in elements and textures of ArchiCAD are limited when it comes to modelling and arranging tiles. In order to make these tasks easier, you could choose to download and use [eptar]s wall and floor tiling application for ArchiCAD. This application will not only help you draw your room tiling plan and create a 3D model at the same time...

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