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ArchiFrame extends the ARCHICAD design suite for more user-friendly wood structuring and design. ArchiFrame will change the way you do structural design, improving processes and project management. It's an innovative design tool for wooden structures that combines engineering with aesthetics. ArchiFrame is the complete structuring tool for roofs, walls, floors, frames, panels, and wooden elements - simply reshape planks and beams in one click. The beauty of designing with ArchiFrame is that everything sits within one ARCHICAD file - including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings. With ArchiFrame you can even output elements to CNC - making it the ultimate end-to-end wood modeling software.

Meet ArchiFrame: Design Better in Wood & Steel

ArchiFrame extends ARCHICAD's rich features to wooden structure design.

ArchiFrame is an add-on that makes ArchiCAD into a complete design tool for wooden structures.

ArchiFrame provides tools for designing walls, frames, column/beam structures, intermediate floors, and roof structures. ArchiFrame tools make it possible to infinitely reshape wooden planks and beams to get the desired result.
You can duplicate, rotate, and output wooden elements to manufacture quickly and easily. The ArchiFrame workflow takes you from the architect's computer straight to the production line.

The Complete Wood Structuring Tool

The best of both worlds: ArchiFrame can work off an architectural model (removing the need for expensive remodeling); or the program can help you create a wood structure from scratch.

As well as new builds, ArchiFrame is suitable for renovation, refurbishment and retrofit building projects.

ARCHICAD has plenty of powerful tools like TeamWorkTM, multiple import and export options, and the ability to overlay MEP engineering over a structural model for collision checking.
  • Draft wood structures in one click and get design feedback instantly.
  • Innovative features like automated and editable elevation saves on project costs.
  • Everything you need is inside a single ArchiCAD file - including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings.
  • Individual planks can be hand-manufactured using ArchiFrame dimension drawings and cut lists, or produced with CNC.
  • Embrace the freedom to edit each individual piece. Print and change your graphics, layouts and blueprints whenever you need to.

Wooden wall framing & structures

  • Automatically drawn dimension lines
  • Automatically generated cut lists
  • Editable in elevation, floor plan and 3D
  • Projections available from front, top, back and below
  • Exterior paneling: weatherboards, exterior cladding & split paneling

Light-gauge steel framing

ArchiFrame supports also Light-gauge steel framing. See Healthy Buildings USA's Facebook page or a Youtube video.

Multiple structural layers

  • Real world layers and rotations
  • Automatic connections at corners
  • Adjustable rules for studs and planks at corners
  • Re-angle and organise wood beams and planks

Roof structures
  • Drawing planes to guide tilted pieces
  • Support for timber frame joint types (e.g. dovetail or tenon & mortise) and simpler angled cuts etc.
  • Create support trusses
  • Adjust rafters to the valley rafter and place valley & hip rafters easily

Wooden flooring & floor structures

  • Floor beams automatically matched to the construction grid
  • Full control on every single beam
  • Steel beam cuts made using the ArchiFrame groove tool
  • Make wooden flooring as easy as walls
  • I-beams with plywood reinforcements (used in this example)

Output the BIM to:

  • Dimension drawings for manual manufacturing
  • Cut lists (xls or txt)
  • Prints
  • CNC Hundegger bvn, btl and wup for Weinmann

Why ArchiFrame?

  1. Using ArchiFrame, you don't have to remodel the building from the architect's plans, potentially saving you time and money. Having everything in the same model makes collision checking easy.
  2. Modeling freedom: Every plank is individual, and can be adapted as necessary, giving you infinite flexibility and building scope.
  3. Take advantage of all the flagship ARCHICAD features you know and love: e.g. TeamWork? in Windows and Mac. ARCHICAD users will not need to re-learn the base program in order to use ArchiFrame ? start creating from the word go.
  4. Built in CNC support for Hundegger bvn, btl and wup for Weinmann.
  5. Highly customizable via xml-settings files and scripts.

Next steps:

  • Watch our demonstration videos at www.youtube.com/archiframe
  • Download or set up a demo or hop on a Skype call with our team
  • Agree on a trial license if needed (compatible with ARCHICAD versions 19-21 Windows & Mac)
  • ArchiFrame's purchase price and terms are similar to the full ARCHICAD subscriptions in local markets.

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