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Reinforcement 2.2

English - German - Hungarian - Croatian - Romanian   |   ARCHICAD 23-24   |   MAC

Reinforcement 2.2 Special Edition: FREE for all Mac users with 2.1 license!

- Archicad 24 compatibility
- New Beam element with manual placement
- New Column element with manual placement

New feature: - license borrowing!
Please contact us for price and availability!

Reinforcement is available with several new functions. With the help of Reinforcement 2.1, the design process is more efficient than ever.

This solution helps designers to draw documents and lists the necessary reinforcement for their buildings in ArchiCAD. The application provides tools to define all 2D drawings as well as complete 3D models.

The solution contains a library of different reinforcement objects and an Add-on. They provide great freedom in defining constructions and also help to specify complex objects. Eptar Reinforcement also checks the rebar ID numbering and corrects it if is necessary. With Reinforcement tool, users can simply calculate the necessary amount of rebars. Iron list is available on the floor plan just as the interactive schedule.

Reinforcement features:
  • License borrowing: get for limited time (7 days) the activation key offline. After this time period the key become online again. This option is but permanent, and you can use it at any time. It can be ordered for your existing license, too.
  • Most used rebar and stirrup forms are preset, but custom polygonal forms can be set too
  • Steel elements can be rotated, thus more difficult constructions (e.g. stairs) can be modeled
  • Complex elements (columns, beams and crownings) can be defined
  • Many view and display options
  • Cutting list generation
  • Automatic correction of enumeration
  • Changes can easily be made on the layout and in the Object Settings window as well
  • Automatic reinforcement of walls
  • Several walls or slabs can be reinforced with a single selection
  • Multiple layers of rebar can be placed at a time

Supported ArchiCAD versions:
  • ArchiCAD 23
  • ArchiCAD 22

Eptar Reinforcement plugin runs in demo mode until you purchase the product.

Demo mode functions as the full version but the amount of rebars used to define complex elements and make listing, is limited.

Online Key registration

Reinforcement main features Version 2.1 Version 2.0 Version 1.5 Demo version
Automatic reinforcement of roofs with mesh or rebar tool
Several roof plains are now reinfoceable at the same time
Automatic reinfocement of complex roofs
A floating palette that can be placed likely
Automatic reinforcement of walls
Several walls or slabs can be reinforced with a single selection
Multiple layers of rebar can be placed at a time
Placement of upturned or folded mesh
Distributable rebars along the curve
New rebar object which linear meter can be adjusted in kg/m
Adjustable value of concrete cover in case of top or button reinforcement
The different length rebars can be displayed separately in the cutting list
In case of mesh, the multidirectional rebars can be listed separately
In case of circle cross-section the radius of the stirrup is displayed in the list
The value of the joint length is displayed in the list
exact display of rebar bending in 3D
dimension unit choice
global display settings (2D, 3D, labels and texts)
intelligent markers
new stirrup types
label option for views
custom label texts
preset common rebars and stirrups
custom polygonal rebar forms
rebars can be rotated in space
automatic array of meshes and bars
complex element:
unlimited use of columns
complex element:
unlimited use of beams
complex element:
unlimited use of crownings
unlimited rebar placement
making automatic cutting list
more layout display options
displaying views on the floor plan
exporting list into TXT

Updates information


Q: How can I buy Reinforcement?
A: You can buy Reinforcement online though the Éptár webshop via PayPal. In case you prefer to get an invoice, please, send us your invoice data (name/company name/address/VAT number) to info@eptar.hu indicating the type of key you would like to use. After paying the invoice, we set your license.

Q: Should I choose online key or machine key?
A: Choose online key if you have constant internet connection on your computer. You can use Reinforcement on other devices with online key but only on one computer at a time. If you start working with Reinforcement from another device, the previous one will log you out and switch to demo mode.

Choose machine key if you do not have constant internet connection on your computer. With machine key you can travel anywhere, Reinforcement will work, and it will exclusively work on one computer.

NOTE: you can switch from online key to machine key but it is not possible to switch from machine key to online key.

Q: How can I install Reinforcement on my computer?
A: To install Reinforcement go to: https://www.eptar.hu/reinforcement_2_0 and select DOWNLOAD considering whether you work on Windows or Mac. Close ArchiCAD and follow the instructions given by the installer. When you next start ArchiCAD, Reinforcement appears in the menu bar.

Q: Do I have to register in Éptár webpage to be able to buy Reinforcement?
A: Yes, a registration is necessary for the activation of the solution. After registration and login you can give your data and also select the type of key (online or machine) and set it. You can give your Reinforcement username and password here for online key that you can use to start Reinforcement on your device. For a machine key, you can generate the requested code here as well.

If you want to switch from online key to machine key, you can also do it after logging in.

Q: How can I set the online key?
A: In case of an online key, an optional username and password must be entered. After installing and starting ArchiCAD, you must select "Reinforcement Registration", then pressing "Validation" and "Online validation" buttons. You have to enter the username and password you have given after logging in to eptar.hu then activate Reinforcement by pressing the "Activate" button.

Q: How can I set the machine key?
A: This is done in 3 steps:

Step 1
First, you have to install Reinforcement and start ArchiCAD. In the menu bar, select the "Reinforcement Registration" button.
A window will appear where you can download the machine_key.dat file to your machine by clicking on the "Save your machine description file" button.

Step 2
Login to www.eptar.hu and press "Unlock Key" button on the user interface and select "Machine key", you can upload the file by pressing the "Save changes" button.

Step 3
You have to insert the received code to ArchiCAD "Reinforcement Registration" "Validate an already purchased key" "Machine key...". The program is activated.

Q: How can I upgrade my license from older versions to version 2.0?
A: After logging in to www.eptar.hu, pressing "Purchase" or "Upgrade" you can buy or upgrade the solution. For purchased and upgraded products, the "Unlock key" button is displayed and additional settings are required here. There are two types of product registration options depending on whether you want online or machine key.

Q: Is Reinforcement 1.5 still available to buy?
A: No, with the release of newer version, 2.0, the old, 1.5 is not available for new customers anymore.

Q: What shall I do if I want to use Reinforcement on several computers at a time?
A: If you want to use Reinforcement on more than one computer at the same time, you have to buy as many licenses as many computers you want to work on. One Reinforcement license can be used on one computer at a time only.

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