Jahoda Róbert   

Nyaraló Zamárdiban

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Installation mode: summer house
Style: Modern
Floor area: 200 m²
Description: The two building parts have the same mass and floor plan, but they are twisted together and placed on the plot in such a way that several requirements are met at the same time. These are the logical approach and transport, orderly car storage, good orientation, economical interior layout, common sheltered south-west terrace. During the sketch plan search, it became clear that the trapezoidal floor plan form provides more opportunities than the regular rectangle to fulfill the requirements listed above. The rotation and sliding of the two units on the almost regular square plot resulted in useful and playful space extensions. The cars are located on one of these, close to the entrances, but in a secluded place on the lot. The entire building is based on the well-proven architectural formula of the Balaton holiday home: simple, logical, playful and neat.