Kurucz Attila   

Családi ház Dömös

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Installation mode: family house
Style: Modern
Floor area: 80 m²
Description: The building is built on a simple rectangular floor plan, consisting almost only of a roof. In its appearance, it was designed in the spirit of the atmosphere and comfort of weekend houses common in the Danube Bend. In accordance with the client's expectations, it faces the panorama of the Danube Bend, so the ridge is not perpendicular to the plot boundary, but at an angle. This somewhat unusual placement fits into the usual order with the terrace in front of the living room facing the front garden, which, on the other hand, is parallel and perpendicular to the plot boundary. The log-shaped part of the building protruding above the entrance brings movement to the house's form, which is almost reduced to the roof. This part also serves as modest rain protection for the entrance. On the street front, the roof eaves extend beyond the front walls of the house at an angle, so the southern roof plane extends well, shading the large glass surfaces of the living room and providing a larger surface for placing solar panels.