Kurucz Attila   

Családi ház Bp XV.

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Installation mode: family house
Style: Traditional
Floor area: 175 m²
Description: In its former state of ruin, the building was a segmented log form consisting of a basement + ground floor residential level, which was covered by an unfinished roof. It is uninhabitable in its design condition, as the slab and roof structure have been damaged to such an extent that they need to be completely replaced. The existing building was built between the two world wars, and its appearance is typical of the period, a traditional house with a porch. When planning the renovation, it was important to preserve the original character of the building, i.e. its mass, materials, decorative building elements, and contemporary appearance as much as possible, from the point of view of the townscape and for the builder. In terms of the use of materials, natural materials are planned, stone, wood, brick, plastered surfaces in pastel colors, the aim is to create a house with a restrained appearance, which fits into the streetscape, which also consists of similar buildings. Structurally, a brick knee wall with crown and minimum height is placed on top of the existing mixed masonry consisting of stones and small-sized bricks in order to make the best use of the attic space.