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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: funkcionális
Floor area: 1250 m²
Description: The warehouse includes two storage rooms and a covered open pre-storage. The building can be accessed by truck, the stored materials can arrive both by trailer truck and semi-trailer truck. The office carrying out the administrative tasks of the warehouse and the social rooms for the employees are included in the building of the weighing house. In addition to the weighing house, the bridge scale built into the casing ensures the weight control of incoming and outgoing transport vehicles. The location of the buildings within the plot and the mass formation were determined by the storage technology of the warehouse and the vehicle traffic within the plot. Both the warehouse and the weighing house are of simple log form, with a gable roof parallel to the road on the long side of the plot. In the design of the buildings, the primary consideration is the economical, material-saving design, as well as the uniform appearance.