Kurucz Attila   

Magasraktár 1.

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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 8000 m²
Description: In the warehouse, the finished products produced in the nearby production halls are stored in various packages on warehouse racking systems until they are assembled according to the needs. The goal of the development is the construction of a modern storage hall that complies in all respects with domestic and EU regulations. The planned building consists of two main built units. Warehousing takes place in the higher racked section, and goods are dispatched and temporarily stored in the lower warehouse section. In the building, a two-story social block will be built for the employees inside the hall. In the part of the building, there are changing rooms for each gender, a washroom + toilets and a break between work or offices are set up. The goods are delivered in and out via the truck docks with sectional gates on the shipping side of the building. To receive deliveries, or for loading deliveries, 1 level or For truck/container loading, there are 8 mechanically operated thermally insulated sectional loading gates designed with level differences. Direct rear wall loading is supported by hydraulic ramp levelers. The warehouse is built on a vb point foundation with a prefabricated vb pillar frame and vb beams with a low pitched roof structure. The wall of the perimeter is a heat-insulated panel, the roof structure is covered with a TR plate covering with step-resistant heat and plastic sheet waterproofing. The prefabricated steel-walled tank of the automatic sprinkler system, which will be built later as an option, and its machine house with a steel frame structure covered with heat-insulated panels are located next to the hall building. The gate building with a steel frame structure with a barrier and heat-insulated panel covering at the entrance and exit of goods or. bridge scales recessed into the casing are made.