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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 16000 m²
Description: In the Manufacturing plant, finished products are manufactured from the incoming raw materials, the goods are temporarily stored and then delivered. As part of the plant hall, a 3-story office block will also be built for plant management. Inter-production lab, TMK workshop, black-and-white changing rooms, dining room, and quality control rooms. The social and office block is open for visitors on the 1st floor, a visitor's corridor was created on the bordering partition, from which the production processes can be viewed through glass windows. Certain areas of the plant must meet high standards of hygiene. Special attention was paid to the concentration of raw material and packaging capacities, which triggers the existing internal material movements and reduces losses. In the appearance of the building, the goal was to form a uniform mass by presenting a unique architectural form characteristic of the company's image. For warehouse storage capacity and internal storage optimal storage height of 8m for moving goods. In the operating area, the useful height requirement of technological machines is max. 6m, therefore, due to energy-saving operation, a heat-insulated false ceiling suspended on the lower plane of the main support will be constructed. Above the false ceiling, a false ceiling space suitable for supplying energy to the technological machines and hall building is created.