Kurucz Attila   

Felsőnyárád Húsfeldolgozó

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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 780 m²
Description: The building planned in 2020 is a beef slaughtering and processing plant, as well as a cutting, matured and prepared meat production plant. The purpose of the investment is a modern, domestic and Construction of a modern meat plant that complies with EU regulations in all respects. In the slaughtering section of the plant, 10 cattle can be slaughtered at a good technical and technological level and in a way that satisfies high hygiene requirements. In the cutting unit, approx. It is possible to cut and bone 3 beef quarters. Some of the slaughtered animals are sold in split form. The piece shop some of the meat is individually packaged and sold as fresh or frozen meat, and a smaller amount is produced as prepared meat.