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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 830 m²
Description: The Investigator sports goods manufacturer, wanted to build an assembly and packaging plant. The company assembles movement development equipment, playground systems, gym equipment, and institutional equipment based on individual needs. In the planned building, the assembly of the received semi-finished raw materials according to individual needs and packaging is done. On the level divider slab there are production machines. On the floor, and the production hall, office and social block were built. In addition, Company manufactures competitively priced foam equipment suitable for various sports purposes throughout the EU, eg: Aquafitness foam sports equipment, using production machines made of LDPE material. The goal of the development is a modern, fully compliant with domestic and EU regulations construction of a workshop. The factory hall has a prefabricated pillar frame and is made of steel made with a low pitched roof structure with lattice beams. The facade walls were made of heat-insulated panels, the street facade part was made of brick wall filling the frame thermally insulated plastered surface.