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Drégelypalánk Gyártócsarnok

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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 1755 m²
Description: Sunflower protein powder is produced by processing sunflower seeds in the factory. The raw materials are stored in bags in the adjacent existing warehouse, while the final product is stored on shelves. The building has a single nave design with the necessary additional parts towards the neighboring building due to traffic. The building is made with two types of ceiling heights, taking into account the needs of technology. In the first tract of the hall, there is a social block designed for the employees, the rest of the building is a working area. Technological to the plant hall from the adjacent storage hall with equipment or goods are sent in and out through sectional gates storage. The social rooms can be accessed through the private entrance approach from the external facade or from the hall building. The interworking in the rest-dining room in the social block there is an opportunity for workers for warming up, eating and resting between jobs.