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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 1100 m²
Description: The building consists of two main built units: storage takes place in the lower part, and goods are manufactured in the higher (12.5m) plant part. The warehouse building is partially two-story. Employees enter the two-story office and social block through the personal entrance of the warehouse, in which part of the building there are gender-specific changing rooms, a washroom + toilets, and a break between work or offices are set up. The plant includes a high-altitude technological machine, and for the maintenance and operation of the machine line, 3 technological levels are established, but these are not user levels. Considering the maximum safety of the workers, in addition to the service stairs of the technological levels inside the building, a safety staircase located on the external facade was also designed. After weighing, the goods are delivered to and from the site's freight entrance. The gate is placed in such a way that arriving vehicles can enter without disturbing the traffic on the public road. The types of goods supplied are food raw materials (seeds and other finished products). Only these products will be delivered. Goods are not delivered to the new building, because the plant is served from the storage facilities of the tank park. The amount of goods delivered is typically the same during the year, which is carried out on-site for further processing. For goods transport vehicles, the assembled or goods converted to a storage unit are loaded at the freight gates located in the warehouse hall. The by-product generated during cleaning is transported from the site for further use from the tanks. After packaging, the individual goods are sorted and placed in warehouses on warehouse racks with electric forklifts and manual handling devices. In the warehouse, the pallets are placed on warehouse racks in several rows.