Kurucz Attila   

Baja Magasraktár bővítés és gyártóüzem

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Installation mode: industrial building
Style: Modern
Floor area: 15860 m²
Description: The planned warehouse and production-packaging plant was designed as an extension of an existing finished goods warehouse. In the warehouse, finished products produced in nearby production halls are stored in various packages on warehouse racking systems until delivery assembled according to needs. In the plant, the semi-finished products produced on site are further processed, during which they are processed further, then to commercial and storage units are packed. Warehousing takes place in the higher racked section, and goods are dispatched and temporarily stored in the lower warehouse section. The existing warehouse a partially multi-storey 3-aisled building in which production and packaging activities are carried out. In the factory building, a three-story social block is being built for the workers within the production hall. The goal of the development is the construction of a modern warehouse and plant that complies with domestic and EU regulations in all respects.