Introducing the new Reinforcement 5.0!

We are delighted to announce the release of Reinforcement 5.0 "Ursus". This new version includes several new features and many improved functions making it an even better tool for reinforcement related modeling tasks.

Date of release:        20. September 2023.

The new version and the license update will be available from this date.


We hereby launch a pre-order option now!

- all Reinforcement users can now upgrade from any version of their existing license for the actual 1-step upgrade price.
- furthermore, all new licenses can be purchased for the actual price.

This upgrade is not available in webshop, all orders in period of promotion we ask to send in email.

This promotion is valid until 30. September 2023!

For more information contact your country's Reseller or visit our website:

What is new in version 5.0 "Ursus":

  • Roof reinforcement with rebars in two directions and in the top and bottom regions with the direction selector, with the RF_EDGE element (single roof), with the Mesh element in the top and bottom regions.
  • Concrete cover correction in case of walls.
  • Reinforcement only in the core of slabs.
  • ID handling of RF_BEAM, RF_COLUMN and RF_EDGE elements: if the same ID is used twice in the element, a YELLOW sign will inform the user about it.
  • More advanced reinforcement of beams and columns.
  • RF_CHAIR is included in the Cutting list with the necessary parameters.
  • BEAM reinforcement with the correct section dimensions.
  • Enhanced stability. If the program cannot perform an action, a warning window appears with information about the failure.
  • ABOUT window

  • Reinforcement of circular columns. RF_COLUMN placed automatically by the add-on into the relevant column with many settings.
  • Spiral stirrup for manual or automatic placement.
  • Dedicated layers for Reinforcement: in Archicad 26/27 layers are grouped into the Reinforcement folder, in version 25 and below these layers will be simply created.
  • Update checking system, which helps the user to see when a newer version of Reinforcement is available.
  • Reinforcement 5 will support Archicad from 23 to 27.

If you have any technical questions feel free to contact us at:

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Telefon: +36 1 225-7355

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