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Fences surrounding properties mean more than just drawing boundaries in space. These structures are first impression elements that reflect the character of properties and their owners' personalities. Yet, many people do not pay enough attention to these elements, even though they are the first thing visitors encounter. The fences separating buildings from the street not only define the appearance of properties but also convey numerous messages through their style and design. Those who carefully and sensitively plan their fences not only draw boundaries but also open gates for visitors to peek into the world within the property.

However, the process of planning and execution often requires great concentration, professional knowledge, and patience, which tends to diminish towards the end of construction projects.
The Barabás Brick recently launched fencing system provides great assistance in the quick and professional execution of fences, and now the company, with the cooperation of Éptár Ltd., offers another aid to builders.

With the Barabás Fence Planner software, fence planning and cost estimation turn into a pleasant, simple, and fast exercise.
The solution can be accessed directly from the Barabás Brick website [keritestervezo.barabasteglako.hu].

No installation of programs/apps or registration is required to use the solution.

The solution guides us through the planning process in 6 simple and quick steps on a web interface and then summarizes the fence component list, assigns prices to them, thus providing us with an immediate quotation.

Concentrating on one element of the fence at a time during data entry, the program provides a proportional drawing of the fence's data and highlights the parameter we are currently setting to simplify data entry.

At each data entry step, we receive additional information at the bottom of the screen to help us avoid design errors.

As the final step, the program assists us in setting up the most optimal layout, if we allow it. By accepting the solution's advice, we can save a lot of energy and frustration during execution.

We can go back to a previous page at any time in the program and adjust the parameters to examine new plans or designs. The solution automatically updates the prices after changes, allowing us to create and select the most suitable plan for us within minutes (prices do not include material costs, delivery, and installation).

We can print the final plan on paper or save it in PDF format and send the order to the manufacturer or nearest dealer.

The Fence Planner works with the elements of the Barabás Brick Fence System and designing a custom fence takes less than 10-15 minutes. To use the solution, no professional qualifications or technical knowledge are required, just a tape measure, a computer, or even a tablet.


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